Lemon and strawberry cake

Gâteau citron et fraises

Composed of

a lemon biscuit,
a strawberry compote
a lemon mousse
a strawberry jelly.


Material used

Rectangular frame 20X11x4.5 cm

– Ancel 210 bloom gelatin

Tefal baking tray

– Baking paper

Angled spatula


Lemon biscuit (the day before)
✔25g butter
✔25g egg
✔50g caster sugar
✔Vanilla liquid
✔20g milk
✔5g liquid cream
✔35g flour
✔1/2 sachet of yeast
✔50g whipped egg whites
✔Zest of one lemon

Strawberry compote (the day before)
✔180g mixed strawberries
✔40g caster sugar
✔5g NH pectin
✔80g strawberries cut into pieces
✔5g lemon juice

Lemon mousse 🍋 (the day before)
✔1 whole egg
✔55 g sugar
✔65 lemon juice
✔40g butter
✔4g gelatine
✔120g cold liquid cream

Strawberry jelly
✔100g strawberries
✔3g gelatine
✔15g caster sugar
✔Red colouring

The recipe

Serves 5 to 6

Lemon biscuit (the day before)

Mix the ingredients together. Pour onto a baking tray. Bake at 170°C. Cut the biscuit to the size of your frame.

Strawberry compote (the day before)
Make a strawberry compote and pour it over the biscuit in the frame. Place in the freezer.

Lemon mousse 🍋 (the day before)
Make a lemon curd and fold in the whipping cream. Pour this mousse over the compote and place in the freezer again.

Strawberry jelly
The next day, make the strawberry jelly and cover the surface of the cake.