Cakes 2

Retrouvez toutes mes recettes de gâteaux.

Gâteau café, chocolat et mascarpone

Coffee, chocolate and mascarpone cake

– Coffee biscuit
– Creamy chocolate cake
– Mascarpone ganache
– Chocolate glaze

Concord cake made of

– chocolate meringue
– chocolate mousse

Chocolate and praline cake composed of

– a chocolate biscuit
– a chocolate mousse
– a praline cream
– a dark chocolate icing

Bavarian pear cake

– biscuit decoration / joconde biscuit
– pear mousse
– pears in syrup cut into pieces
– pear jelly

Peanut and caramel cake made of

– a financial peanut biscuit,
– a creamy caramel,
– a peanut mousse
– a milk chocolate glaze

Strawberry cake made of

– sponge cake
– mousseline cream
– fresh strawberries
– almond paste
– strawberry jelly

Cherry and vanilla cake composed of

– a joconde biscuit,
– a compote of cherries,
– a vanilla mousse,
– a cherry jelly.

Hazelnut, coffee and chocolate cake

– a hazelnut biscuit,
– a coffee mousse,
– a milk chocolate icing.

Raspberry pistachio cake made of

– almond biscuit
– pistachio mousseline cream
– fresh raspberries

Vanilla and blueberry cake composed of

– an almond dacquoise
– a blueberry cream
– a vanilla mousse
– a blueberry jelly

Coffee and vanilla cake made with

– a hazelnut biscuit
– a chocolate/coffee crunch
– a creamy vanilla filling
– a coffee mousse
– a dulcey/coffee mirror glaze.

Praline cake

– financial biscuit
– creamy praline
– praline mousse
– streusel

Chocolate and caramel tiramisu

– coffee biscuit
– creamy milk chocolate
– mascarpone ganache
– caramel glaze

Orange and chocolate cake

– Hazelnut dacquoise
– Praline crisp
– Almond and cocoa sponge cake
– Milk chocolate creamy cake
– Orange creamy cake
– Orange jelly

Chocolate, caramel and vanilla cake made of

– joconde biscuit soaked in syrup
– creamy chocolate
– creamy caramel
– creamy vanilla

Vanilla crème brulée cake

– almond streusel
– vanilla cream

Individual strawberries 🍓composed

– sponge cake soaked in syrup
– diplomatic cream
– strawberries cut into pieces

Melon and mint cake composed of

– an almond biscuit,
– a melon cream,
– a mint mousse,
– a melon jelly.

Coconut and chocolate finger composed of

– a coconut dacquoise biscuit,
– a coconut mousse,
– a rock icing,
– whipped cream.