Cheesecake myrtilles

Blueberry cheesecake with

– a speculoos and butter base,
– a blueberry coulis
– cheesecake mix,
– blueberry jelly.



Blueberry cake made with

– an almond biscuit,
– blueberry mousse
– a blueberry cream,
– blueberry jelly
– whipped cream.



White peach and raspberry cake made with

– an almond biscuit,
– a layer of raspberries,
– a white peach mousse,
– raspberry jelly with pieces of peach.


Strawberry and mint cake made with

– A mint biscuit,
– a strawberry compote,
– a mint mousse
– strawberry jelly.


Strawberry and vanilla cake
– an almond cookie,
– a strawberry mousse,
– vanilla mousse,
– strawberry jelly.


Chocolate mint cake made with

– a cocoa biscuit soaked in syrup,
– a mint mousse
– and a milk chocolate mirror icing.



Peach and raspberry cake made with

– an almond biscuit,
– a raspberry mousse
– a peach mousse
– raspberry jelly.



Fraisier made with

– sponge cake soaked in syrup
– mousseline cream
– fresh strawberries
– almond paste


Raspberry Saint Honoré composed of

– puff pastry,
– raspberry diplomat cream,
– choux pastry,
– caramel,
– whipped cream,
– raspberry compote.


Strawberry tiramisu heart made with

– homemade sponge biscuits
– mascarpone cream
– strawberry jelly.


Mango and vanilla cake with

– an almond biscuit
– a mango mousse
– a vanilla mousse
– mango jelly.



Caramel and peanut cake composed of

– a financial biscuit with peanuts,
– a creamy caramel,
– a peanut mousse,
– a caramel glaze.

Strawberry vanilla cake made of

– a sponge cake,
– a strawberry compote,
– a strawberry mousse
– a vanilla mousse,
– a strawberry jelly.

Pear and chocolate cake made of

– a hazelnut biscuit,
– a chocolate praline crunch,
– a milk chocolate mousse,
– a pear mousse
– a pear jelly.

Pecan and vanilla cake composed of 

– a pecan biscuit,
– a pecan crunch,
– a creamy pecan,
– a vanilla mousse,
– a white chocolate and pecan praline mirror glaze.

Peach and verbena cake made with

– an almond biscuit,
– a verbena mousse
– a peach mousse
– peach jelly.