Creams, mousses

Crème brulée pêche lavande

Crème brulée peach lavender with

– white peaches,
– lavender sprigs,
– brown sugar.


Raspberry panna cotta with

– speculoos biscuit
– raspberry coulis
– edible flowers
– raspberries

Blueberry and vanilla panna cotta made of

– a sweet pastry biscuit,
– blueberry panna cotta,
– vanilla panna cotta.

Mango panna cotta with

– a panna cotta,
– a mango jelly,
– a white chocolate shell,
– white chocolate,
– and slice of bread.


Strawberry panna cotta made with

– liquid cream,
– strawberry coulis,
– a chocolate shell.



Speculoos tiramisu verrine made with

– speculoos biscuits soaked in coffee
– mascarpone cream